USA 2018 trip, Part 9

I took this picture on my way to the Grand Canyon. The air temperature was so cold to breathe, and I started to see the snow on the road.

For almost two weeks I was riding in subzero temperature in the morning. The big advantage is that I did not sweat, so I did not feel too dirty even I did not have a shower every night.

However it is freezing cold and feels like my toe was cutting off.

This morning I went to the local church. It was the right decision to visit the church on this day.

The wind started blowing so hard at lunchtime that the temperature went down so low and I did not want to ride a bicycle on this day. It is not fun at all to ride against the headwind. Fortunately, the pastor here offered me to sleep inside the church. So I slept under the roof on this night.

While I was taking a day off, I did some maintenance work in the church. One day I could not start the fire when I was preparing dinner because I did not check it regularly. I have been in such a situation for a few times.

Next morning, I finally arrived at Grand Canyon. It was smooth riding for few hours, but later the hill became really stiff. I was sweating, and my body got wet at subzero temperature. Fortunately, I arrived at the entrance of the Grand Canyon national park around 3pm.

The entrance of Grand Canyon was still 30 miles away from the top. So I went to the camping ground. However, they open this camping ground for summer time only. People I met in the information centre told me that everything opens year around in South Rim. Sunset time was too early during winter. I did not have any energy to ride 30 miles more so I stealth camped in the closed camping ground. I used to dream about camping in the snow, and now I realised that this dream was really stupid. I could not sleep well because it was too freezing.

I took this picture when I was close to the top of Grand Canyon. There was a lot of snow.

Finally I arrived at Grand Canyon. It took me almost 8 weeks riding from Vancouver (Canada) to Grand Canyon. During the trip, so many things happened. I had to fix my bicycle and it cost me almost 2 weeks of my trip budget. I had to adjust my camping stove in the night. I met so many great people. I did not plan to come to Grand Canyon when I crossed US border. A guy I met on the road told me, If I can visit only one place in the US, it must be Grand Canyon, and that is why I changed my original plan and travelled to Grand Canyon. There were not many people because it was offseason. If I had enough time, I would’ve done hiking, but I did not have enough time. I only got 12 weeks visa, and When I arrived at Grand Canyon, I had only 3 weeks left. Anyway, I also want to say If you can visit only one place in the US, It must be Grand Canyon.

This is the next day in Grand Canyon camping ground. I do not want to camp in snow anymore.

I was riding down to the next town, and A tow truck driver gave me a lift to next town. Sometimes I talk to my self ‘please someone stops and gives me a life’ when I am too tired to ride. However, I never had luck. On this day, I was 20 miles away from the next town, and this guy saw me riding on the side of the road. He stopped and waited for me and asked me ‘do you need a lift?’. So I was able to go to next camping ground before it became too dark

The weather became warmer as I ride away from Grand Canyon. However, it was still cold in the night.

I went to the library to charge my phone. A librarian told me that a restaurant in the town donated $15 food coupon for bicycle traveller. A $15 food coupon that I never thought of. At the time, I was eating a little poorly to save money. So I was very happy to have great food at the restaurant.

A guy in this picture helped me when I had a problem with my tire. My tire bead was severely damaged. As a result, the front tire was keep coming out from the wheel. This guy in the picture gave me his old tire and rim. So I could continue to ride to the next town and bought a new tire. I put my front wheel on the back of the bicycle and continued my trip to next town. Often I face a difficult situation, and I was able to solve the problem only because of kind people. When I realised my front tire bead was damaged, I had no idea what to do because there was no bicycle shop and I almost cried out. Fortunately, a guy in this picture helped me.


I am sharing a shorter story than usual today.

I am currently travelling in Mexico now.

I travelled to a few different countries, and I think Mexico food is the best.

One thing I don’t like is a security problem. I can’t walk around the town or go to the restaurant in the night because it is not safe to do so for overseas traveller.


Next time I will come with my trip story about Mexico.


Thank you.

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