USA 2018 trip, Part 8

I arrived at Bakersfield. As the US is a multicultural country, this day they had a multicultural event.

The countries on the sign are the name of the sister city of Bakersfield

Can you see Bucheon, Korea? My cousin lives there

I spent a long time in an overseas country but never been to a multicultural event. So this was the first time I have ever seen multicultural event. It looked great to see people from all over the world come together and share their own culture.

Personally, the Indian people's dancing was the most impressive. The dresses are different colourful. When I saw the Indian people dancing, I thought, "Oh, that's the country of Bollywood." And they danced incredibly good.

They invited me from Bakersfield. This is Tim and Portia.

The process of meeting these people has an exciting story. I wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, so I went south along the coastal road and started a bicycle trip to east from Santa Cruz

As I don’t have much time for my visa, I did not have a day off, and I was exhausted. So I looked for a place to stay through Warm Shower.


One of them replied to me, but the host said that she would not be in the town on the day I was planning to arrive. However, she found me a place to stay in other people’s house. So I was introduced to Tim and Portia. Tim is Chinese born in the U.S. and Portia is Korean who immigrated to the U.S when she was very young. Both of them grew up in the U.S and speaks very little Chinese and Korean


My first plan was to have a day off before riding to Grand Canyon. However, Tim said he would drive me to Las Vegas after spending Thanksgiving with his family. So I ended up staying at Tim’s house for about nine days.


It was something I never imagined. Honestly, I would not be able to go to Grand Canyon in time if Tim did not give me a ride. The distance between Bakersfield and Grand Canyon is too far, and it is all uphill.

It would probably take me two full weeks riding if I bicycled to Grand Canyon.

Thankfully, I was able to go to Grand Canyon on time and had a great rest.


Time asked me how long I haven’t eaten Korean food. So I said Its been six weeks. Then he said, let's try all three Korean restaurants in Bakersfield while you are staying at home. And we went to all the Korean restaurant in Bakersfield. He even paid for the food. As a return, I also made a few Korean foods in the house for Tim and Portia.

After Thanksgiving, Tim and Portia drove me to Las Vegas. Tim asked me ‘Where are you going to from Las Vegas?’. So I said ‘I will go through Zion National Park to go to Grand Canyon. When Portia heard it, she said that she has never been to Zion National Park before and she also wants to go to Zion. So eventually I move long distance by car. Riding to Zion would take me three days riding. However, It only took a few hours by car. They gave me so much help and kindness (They also paid for accommodation for last night). I said I would sleep in a tent at the campsite in Zion. However, Tim told me not to worry, and he will pay for it and stay at a comfortable place for one more night. So I ended up staying at the place shown in the picture above for one more night. As you can see in the picture, it was such a beautiful place. It was a great place to spend some time.​

We took a picture together before I started bike trip to Grand Canyon. It was such a happy memory that I had never expected. One thing I want to say is that the most impressive and best memories of bicycle trips are made through people. If I travelled with my friends by car, I would have spent a great time with them, but I would not have a chance to be with local people like this way. This is why I prefer a bicycle trip

This morning, Time gave me a lift for about 30km. On the way from Zion to Grand Canyon, there is a narrow tunnel, and the bicycle is not allowed to pass. He drove me through the tunnel. I would like to say thanks once again to Tim and Portia.

It's been a long time since I rode my bicycle. So I felt refreshed. The weather was very chilly it already entered the winter. When I was travelling on the West coast, it was cold in the evening but warm in the daytime. However, it was so cold in night and daytime here.

It shows an entirely different view. The surrounding area was covered with red rocks and sand. Seeing the majestic appearance of the red rocks, I became more excited to see Grand Canyon

This place is Horseshoe Bend. I looked down from the top, and it was stunning to see it. The nature of U.S is beyond my imaginary.

Sunset time is early in winter. I was going to ask if I could put my tent in the front yard if I could see a house, but all I could see was a big field with no houses. The time was running forward to five o’clock, so I had to put up my tent by the side of the road. It was windy, cold and hail fell, so I cooked right next to the tent. I usually cook a little bit away from my tent.

I heard a loud sound of hail fall all night, and when I woke up in the morning, there was snow. It was the first snow during my entire bicycle trip. Sleeping in the snow was much warmer than sleeping in the rain. So I slept comfortably this night. I was worried about what to do if it snows, but it was more pleasant than I thought.


I think I will need to four or five more days to get to Grand Canyon.


I will come back with the new trip story next time. It will be about travelling to Grand Canyon.



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