USA 2018 trip, Part 7

Hi. I am back with my new travel story today.

The US is a huge country. I have three-month visa to stay in the US, so I don’t have long enough time to travel to many places in the US. I want to revisit this country if I have a chance to travel again. It is a beautiful country.

Can you see a bicycle traveller in the picture? She is Barbara, whom I met on a camping site. She said she takes one or two weeks break to go on a bicycle trip. She lives in San Francisco. She invited me to stay in her place when I come to San Francisco. I stayed in her home for a few days. As you can see in the picture, the road was a long uphill. It was another hard day.

I still ride alongside the coast. It was so beautiful. It was a pity that I don’t have excellent skills to take photos

Am I travelling slow? I met other bicycle travellers whom I left a few days ago. It's David, Barbara and Horizon in the picture. I met many bicycle traveller while I was travelling on the west coast. There were still many bicycle travellers even though it was not the best season to travel.

This photo was taken the next day after bush camping. I checked google map after arriving in the small town. I found a church, and there was a place that looked like a park next to the church. I often camp behind the church. So I went to church and what looked like the park was a cemetery. The big difference between Korean and other western country is that cemetery is located very close to town in many Western countries. Even in some place, there is a barbecue place next to the cemetery. I had no choice but bush camping next to the church. What annoyed me during the night was a sheep and cows. They cried out loud all night.

I like to go to church. I am drying my tent just in front of the church. My tent often got wet at dawn. I do not know why.

I was sitting in on the table after the service. The church pastor (Cornelia)asked me if I want to stay in her house to have a good rest for a day or two. She said that my face looked very tired. I could not have a shower for a few days, and I wanted to sleep in a bed. So I decided to spend a night at her house. This is a bicycle trip. I can meet more people and spend time with them. If I were travelling by car, I would have a less chance to meet amazing people. There was a small house behind her home, and I stayed there for a night.

Cornelia also made me breakfast. Thank you for the meal!

I want to say thanks to Cornelia and her husband.

So I left Cornelia’s place the next day. She offered me to stay for a few more days but I planned to meet Barbara in San Francisco, so I only stayed for one night.

I was having a pleasant time until I had an accident. As the uphill road is so hard, I do not slow down and ride fast on the downhill. When I realised that I was riding a little bit too fast, I was too close to the corner. If it were a countryside road, I would take a big turn and ride on the other lane. However, this downhill was very close to San Francisco, and there were so many cars. It was too dangerous to ride on another side of the road and make a big turn. As a result, I hit the edge of the corner and flew away a little. The scariest thing is that no one stopped and helped me. My right foot was stuck inside of the bicycle, but I did not get injured severely. However, the front wheel of my bike was bent. I could not ride anymore in this state. So I hitchhiked to the next town. Fortunately, I didn’t spend too much time to hitchhike.

He drove me to the next town. He told me that when he was me, he thought he had to help me, but he was not sure whether my bicycle can fit in his car. We managed to fit my bike in his car. I want to say thanks again here.

So finally I crossed the Golden bridge after fixing my bicycle urgently. There were many bikes in San Francisco. I had an accident about 40km before San Francisco, and bicycle shop I went could not fix my bicycle correctly. So I had to see another bicycle mechanic in San Francisco. It cost me $200 to fix it again. It was just too expensive. I save few dollars every day to spend them on nice food in San Francisco, but it was all gone after fixing my bicycle. Everything was expensive there.

So I stayed in Barbara’s place for a few days. I was so grateful that the other bicycle traveller I met on the road offered me a place to rest. I sent so many Warmshower requests to people in San Francisco, but no one accepted my request. I was very worried where to stay, and I met Barbara on the road. She even gave me some money before I leave. I love to travel by bicycle not only because I get to see beautiful sceneries but also I get to meet amazing people and spend some time with them.

I had enough rest in San Francisco and started my trip to Santa Cruz. Did I ride uphill without warming up in the morning? I went to the top of the hill and was going to have a rest. But all of a sudden, I felt extremely dizzy, and I found my self on the ground. Later I woke up and I felt pain in my head. I vomited too. My face was swollen. So I could not ride long this day and took a rest in the nearby campsite. Now I don’t try to push my self hard to pedal uphill without having a break.

I went to Hollister after 4:30 pm. It was a bigger town than I thought. It is also difficult to put my tent behind the church in a big town. It is too dangerous to put my tent in the park because of homeless people. I wasn't sure where to set my tent. I decided to ride a little further from the town at 5:30. However, the sun disappeared too early. I saw some farms nearby and asked people in the house near the farm for one-night camping. They told me to go to the farm owner. So I went to the landlord’s house and explained him my situation. He allowed me to camp for a night. The owner of the property likes to travel by motorcycle. He let me use his toilet and offered me food. He lives with two friends and his wife.

On the next day, I rode in the countryside. It is illegal to ride a bicycle in high way, so I had to use the side road, and it happened to be the most comfortable and quiet ride. I saw less than 10 cars on this day. I always listen to music when I ride a quiet road. Music and sound from my bicycle chain made a unique harmony. I really enjoyed my trip on this day. However, it was longer than I thought.

I camped here. Every land was private. I personally don’t want to trespass. So I was like ‘what should I do?’ I explained my situation to the farm owner, and I was able to put the tent next to his house.

This is my picture the next day

I started early in the morning, and at some point, the road turned into an unpaved road. Then the surrounding landscape was changed. There are not many trees, animals and it was very dry. It looks like the road is up and down, but it was flat for most of the day.

This place was for people to fire their guns. When I saw a bullet and bullet trace on the sign, I thought, ‘Ah, I am travelling the US where people can use the gun so easily’.

While I was enjoying my bicycle trip, suddenly I heard the blowing sound from the front of my wheel. Yes, I had a flat tyre. The good thing was that I had puncture while I was in the town, so I did not have to fix it on the side of the road. The bad thing was that I had a plan for a day, but I had to spend so much time fixing my tyre. Therefore I had to put my tent next to the road.


I changed my tube a couple of time, but I still spent too much time. I planned to stay in other people’s house in Bakersfield, and I did not want to delay my plan. So after fixing my tyre, I decided to ride more.


On this day, while I was looking for a place to put my tent in the evening, I found a small hill that was not surrounded by a fence. So I decided to put my tent behind of the small hill, so drivers can’t see me from the road. A guy on the motorcycle came to me from the long distance. It turned out that the land was private. There was just no fence. I explained to him, and he let me put my tent for a night. He warned me about the coyote. Then he turned the motorcycle and went back to where he came from, and I saw a rifle on the back of his back. I couldn’t say anything for about five minutes. His rifle reminded me that I am travelling in the US where people can own their guns. I thought that I should be more careful when finding a bush camping spot.

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