USA 2018 trip, Part 6

Hi all. I have a new story about my bicycle trip in the US. This is my sixth story. Currently, I left the west coast road and riding to the Grand Canyon. A family in Bakersfield invited me to stay with them until Thanksgiving. So I will have a short break until Thanksgiving.

I met them in the state park on the day before we took this picture. Beto and I were camping in the campsite where it is closed due to offseason. About 6 o’clock in the evening, two other cyclists arrived at the campground where we were resting. A guy on the left is David from Germany, and the guy next to me is Horizon from the US. They are also going to San Francisco. So we decided to travel together.

I took this picture while we were taking a break. David and Horizon like to smoke weed. Weed is legal in the US, and it was easy to find people who smoke weed

This was the end of the last big hill on the West coast. There were still many hills but not as high as this one in the picture. My legs became stronger after riding hills for several weeks, so this hill was not as steep as I expected.

They did not have many bags on the bicycle to carry. So they were always riding ahead of me. It was a little bit hard to follow their riding pace.

We put our tent 100m away from the road where people can’t see from the way. There was a creek where we put our tent. So I went inside to wash my body, but the water was so cold because the place was covered by the big tree and it made a big shadow over the creek.

On the next day, I decide to travel alone. I was tired, and their riding pace was a little bit different to my riding pace. I want to thank David and Horizon for being a best travel friend for a few days.

I also decided to travel alone after travelling three weeks with Beto. I want to go to Grand Canyon, and Beto wants to ride west coast. I left him when we were 150 miles (240km) away from San Francisco because I was going to ride to Grand Canyon from San Francisco.  I always wanted to have a travel mate when I was travelling in Australia for over four months. Travelling with Beto for three weeks was good. He is also going to go to South America. So hopefully We will see again on the road.

I left my friends behind me, and I went to another warm shower host’s place. They allowed me to camp in their garden. They have a small open shower and open toilet for bicycle travellers. This time I could not have a hot shower for four days. When I had a shower here, I felt like my body was melting by nice hot water. The atmosphere of open shower gave me a unique experience.

It feels terrific as I ride alongside the ocean. I am not a good photographer. You really have to see the view with your own eyes.

I had a break here. That is my bicycle

They were selling some barbeque on the side of the road. I smelled the meat, and I just could not avoid this place. I was going to take a picture and move on, but the staff offered me a free slice of a rib. I can’t remember what happened after tasting it. I was already buying some food from here. It was so tasty. I am on a low budget. So I try not to spend more than $15 a day. However this day, I had to spend more money because the meat was so tasty.

They are staffs from roadside barbeque shop

I am still travelling alongside the ocean

My main meal has been instant noodle for a while. Evening sunset was beautiful and looking at evening sunset while eating food was even better. I planned to sleep here for a night, but the ranger came and told me to go to other places. So I had to move to a different location after the meal.

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