USA 2018 trip, Part 5


I finally crossed the California border.

California was hard to travel by bicycle. I had a big bicycle accident, so many uphill roads and so on. However, it seems to be a more memorable trip because of that.

This is me in front of California sign. This morning I travelled together with other travellers whom I met at the campsite yesterday. Five bicycle travellers with many bags on their bicycle got so many attention from the local people, and it was fun to travel with them.

Can you see that my cloth is wet with my sweat? I bicycled the 400m steep uphill, and the guy next to me is from Japan. It was tough. I travelled to the famous Redwood forest in California. The size of the trees was magnificent. The only downside was that it was long uphill. I will add pictures of the trees below.

This is the picture of the Redwood forest. The story here is exciting. There were many immigrants in this place during the gold rush. Eventually, people realised that cutting and selling this tree would make high income than working in a gold mine. As a result, many redwood forests have been damaged. However few people made an organisation to protect the redwood forest. As a result, the trees of the size shown in the pictures survived now. I bicycled over a 400m high mountain to get to the place shown in the picture, and after a few more hours riding, I had to ride 250m high mountain again on the same day. It was 5 Pm when I was taking this picture. I almost pushed all the way to top on the last uphill. Its been a long time since I took these pictures but when I see it, I can still feel the pain on my legs.

His name is Brandon who travelled with me for a few days. He was ready to leave early this morning. His last destination is San Francisco, and he will fly back home. I wish you the best future Brandon.

As I crossed the bridge, I was able to see the spectacular view of the lake on both sides. So I stopped and saw a guy fishing under the bridge. He was fishing trout. It was like casting a fishing rod once, and he catches a trout. I think It would be good If I knew how to do fishing. Some people were carrying fishing rods while travelling on a bicycle.

I am riding again by the ocean side.

There are some surprising and long stories In these photos. One of my bicycle bags need a new part ( its hook is broken, so It can’t be attached to bicycle anymore) so when I ride little bumpy road, It fell off my bike. In this stage, I can’t enjoy riding. So I went to a few different bicycle shop in the next town. However, they did not have the parts I needed. There was a farmer’s market in this town, but I could not spend any time in farmer’s market because I could not fix my bicycle bag. So my mind was heavy and time was getting a bit late in the afternoon. So I used the cable to tie my bag and bicycle together and continued the trip.


When we arrived at the planned destination Ferndale, it was already 6 pm. The sky was already dark. What is so strange about the US is that they don’t have a public park in a small town. When I travelled to a rural place in Australia, I had set up a tent in the park. However everything was private property in the US, and there was a sign saying ‘No Trespassing’.  I tried to find a place, but There was no space for a tent in Ferndale. So I went to private camping, but the price was $15 for a person. I'm not rich or have a wealthy family so I could not pay $15 for tent space. I decided to camp behind the church (in the city, People don’t allow me to camp behind the church, but the small town is ok).


It was Saturday night when I arrived at the church. There was a pastor, so I explained to him about my situation hoping he may allow us to camp behind of the church. Pastor allowed us to put our tent in the back of the church. A surprising thing happened when we were going to set our tent. The lady who was taking a walk with the dog (Jennifer) invited us to her house.


I had much help on my bicycle trip, but this was the first experience, so we were excited and surprised when she invited us to her home. She fed us for dinner and breakfast and even made some foods to eat during the trip. It turns out that she helped many bicycle traveller who was in a difficult situation just like us.

Jennifer’s husband told us a joke that he helps bicycle travellers in difficult situations, but the bicycle traveller must be not American, having a difficult situation and wearing a helmet. It was me.


I am not from the US, I was looking for a place to sleep at 6 pm, and I was wearing a helmet. On this night, Jennifer and her husband opened three bottles of wine for us. The bed was so soft. I slept like a baby. I want to share this story because I felt it is a fantastic story.

This is the picture of the redwood forest. I could not close my mouth. This magnificent redwood forest stretched very long.

Can you guess the size of the tree? Other bicycle travellers also stunned by the view of the redwood forest. I felt like this place is from the movie ‘Lord of the ring’. How long did it take for a tree to grow to this size?

This is the next morning after the bush camping. I have a story to share about this picture. I put all my leftover food and cooking pots in one bag and closed it. I left it on top of the toilet roof and slept.


This area is home to many wild animals such as bears, raccoons and skunks, etc.. So I had to leave my food and cooking pots away from my tent to avoid any attack during the night.

The next morning I looked for the plastic bag that I left on the top of the toilet roof last night, but It was disappeared. I don’t care about losing food, but cooking pots were bit expensive to replace.

I think someone else took it. If it were an animal, it would have torn the bag, and there should be some trace.

What can I do If I regret things that have already passed? However, I was upset and could not do anything. Beto saw my face, and he started to cook instant noodle soup for me. Fortunately, I can tolerate bad things quickly, I ate noodle soup and started a bicycle trip again.

Redwood forest showed me more than I expected. If you are reading my blog and planning to travel to the US, go and ride Redwood forest. It will give you special memories.

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