USA 2018 trip, Part 4

Hi. It's been a long time since I posted the last blog. To work on blogs and Youtube, I have to work on my desk for a long time, and I have not been able to work because I had difficulty finding such a place. When I had a rest day, I just had a rest instead of working on blogs and videos because I was so tired. I am travelling with my new mate on the west coast of the United States. Enjoy reading it.

In Korea, we say ‘the man talks with his back’ so I will upload a picture of my back. Weather was beautiful on this day

We made a gesture from Dragon Ball. The trees behind of us were big and huge

Beto did not shave the beard. I asked him ‘why don’t you shave?’. He answered me that he liked the macho style and kept growing it during the trip

I travelled alone almost for half a year, and I was so excited to travel with Beto. If I had travelled alone, I would not have taken this picture in this place

It was too cloudy and foggy this day. I felt like the sun is no more existing. We travel alongside the ocean. I think the ocean affected the weather. So we had this weather for a few days. We pushed bicycle hard to go to Florence on this day. However, we could not make it to the destination and we just bush camped

Bush camping means wild camping. On this day, we put our tent next to bushwalking trail which was located by the ocean. On the following day morning, a guy came for a bush walk in the morning. About half an hour later, he began to us and said ‘There was a bear last night. I just found bear stool’. We did not sleep in the mountain. It was just a bushwalking trail. So we did expect bear around here. Luckily, we did not have any food in the tent. We would have been attacked by the bear last night

Sometimes it is hard to pass the coffee shop. I do not usually spend money on this, but this day we just bought a hot chocolate and pastry

Almost all the road are located along the sea. I could not ride long enough because I had to stop to see this beautiful ocean

We visited the church on Sunday morning. Beto is a talented person in music. Soon he became a friend with people in the church and joined practice for morning praise. I learned a lot from Beto during the trip. I do not enjoy talking to people I do not know, but Beto is good social people. He is an excellent example of a friendly and social traveller

The weather was cloudy and cold. Do you know what happens when heavy bike and uphill meets?

It was hard to breathe, my heart was pumping so fast, and I was sweating a lot when I reached the top. However, I could not take a long break or not wearing a jacket when riding downhill because my muscles get cool down due to the cold weather. It makes harder to keep the ride.

We arrived in Brandon. We were suggested to visit this chocolate café from other travellers. The price was around $6. We expected hot chocolate in a mug but what we had was concentrated chocolate in a shot glass, just like espresso. We misread the menu. It was delicious, but the price was too high for the volume

The time I travelled on the US West coast road was already a little late for a bicycle trip. It rained a few days, cold with a lot of fog, but I happened to meet another traveller who was going in the same direction. His name is Brandon. He is from the US, and now he is on a bicycle trip for a short period.

The last picture is the ocean view from the top of the hill. Some of you may realise that most of my travels are filled with stories of other people. I think the beautiful nature and breathtaking scenery are the seasonings that make the food delicious, and the actual main ingredients are the time I spend with other people. Even If the person has only met me for 10 minutes and has never seen again, this small but good experiences with other people make my trip richer

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