USA 2018 trip, Part 3

Hi. It’s been over three weeks since I started travelling to the USA. Fear and trembling when I first came to the USA is gone, and now I am enjoying my bicycle trip.

The weather forecast says it will be raining for the next ten days and I am a little bit worried about it.

Travelling in the rain is cold, but I can tolerate it. However, it is so hard to sleep in my tent when it's raining. This is my third travel story. Enjoy reading it. Thanks.

I was riding my bicycle on a cloudy and foggy day, and my body was so cold. Luckily, Warmshower host replied to my late request on yesterday. So I spent the night in his place. He is a retired nurse, and he is working as a farmer now. He examines a sample of his soil and finds out that what nutrition is racking in his soil. He was a brilliant guy who used science for farming.

I could not believe when I saw the food on the table. They offered me a crab, and it was as big as my face. I did not expect it at all. I was so happy to eat crab. It is one of my favourites.

Look at the picture. It is big with tasty meat inside. Side dishes were also excellent.

It is apple pie made with apple which he picked from his farm. I had a great dinner and also apple pie. I will give 10 out of 10 for this night excluding my bicycle trip. Maybe I am not losing fat because of so many good foods I got offered.

I spent two night at his place. On the next day, I was invited to visit his daughter’s home. We watched America football, but I could not understand the rule.

This day, I started early to go to the church. I passed many bridges while travelling on 101 high way. On this day, they had a special event which allows people to walk on the bridge. So there were no cars on the bridge. I did not know about this event. I just saw some people blocking the bridge. I thought there is construction. So I asked ‘how long are you guys going to close the bridge?’. And the guy said ‘ it will be 1 hour and 30 minutes, but you can just go’. So I did not have to wait. There were no cars, so I took a picture on the middle of the road or ride on opposite side. It was fun.

Do you see the people in the picture?

I took this picture after riding difficult uphill.

It says 1309 ft which mean 400m uphill. I was very exhausted this time but looking at the number now, it seems not too difficult. A person next to me is a guy from Mexico, and his name is Beto. He has been travelling from Alaska and going to Argentina. Some of you may know that I am planning to go to all the way down to South America. So we are travelling together for a week now. I wished that I had a travelling mate when I was in Australia. Now I am travelling with him who is heading to the same destination. So my trip got more interesting.

A slight disadvantage is that I am ready at 8:30 in the morning, but this guy is ready at 10:30

We had small trouble because of this, but we agreed to start a day at 9:30. We leave one hour earlier for him, but it is still one hour late for me, so I still didn’t like it, but after saw him trying to be ready on time, I did not make any complaint.

The scenery was just awesome. I took this pictures while crossing the bridge. At the moment when I saw it, I was just so stunned by the beauty of the scenery

We had lunch. Beto can’t use his left arm due to the car accident when he was a kid. He said that because of his disability he was able to find many sponsors for his trip.

This guy in the picture has been travelling for 6 years now. We are smiling in the photo, but I remember this day was really tough. Beto wanted to visit his friend, so we had to change our plan and headed to the East. There were so many up hills. I used to ride 100km many days in Australia. On this day we started at 9:30 but still could not ride 100km until 6:30 pm. We even had 30 km to go. Fortunately, a guy in the car saw us and gave us a lift to Beto’s friend's place. I am still not used to Mile and Pound. So few times I made a mistake when I was planning for the next day. How long is 50miles into kms? 50 mile is 90km. One day I planned to ride 50 mils presumed it will be around 70kms. I had a long and hard time on this day. Now I convert miles into km when I plan for my next day.

Travelling with a mate was fun. We take pictures together and laugh at very small things. It is Halloween season in the US. There are many places where they are selling pumpkins. By looking at its shape, I think they are not for cooking.

The last picture is a guy who gave us a $30 for free.

He listened to our trip story and just suddenly gave us money. I heard about this thing but never expected it to happen to me. I don’t like to talk about my trip story to people on the road. I have done it over 100 times already in Australia. So I just give a short answer when someone asks about my trip. However, Beto explains about his journey in good detail to everyone. On this day I was also just listening, and Beto was talking to the old guy in the picture. Beto told me ‘Hey mate anyone can be our sponsor, so we have to care about everyone we meet on the road’. From this day, I am also trying to be kind and explain my trip to everyone I meet on the road.


Thanks for reading my story

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