Mexico trip, part 5

Hello. Its been a long time since I updated my blog. Now, I am resting in a city called queretaro in Mexico and studying Spanish.

I’ve been so busy editing my videos. So I couldn’t spend time for my blog.

I came to this place by chance during my trip. It was a huge pond and fish from this pond was popular food in this place. it smelled little bit like a soil but I still enjoyed it.

I passed a small town in the countryside. The guy in the picture was selling cane sugar on the side of the road. When he saw my bicycle, he gave me free sugar cane juice. When I was living in Australia, I tried it two or three times, and it felt like just sweet water. However, cane sugar was so tasty in Mexico.

They offered me a place to put my tent. I rode my bicycle for more than eight hours this day, and my whole body was wet with my sweat. I wanted to have a shower.

I saw a small roadside store and asked her if I could put my tent in front of the store, and she was happy to let me. I felt sorry to ask them if I could take a shower so that I couldn’t say anything. Somehow she knew that I want to have a shower and she asked me if first. So I took a right and clean rest that day.

As you may notice the man in the picture. He is Beto whom I met during my bicycle trip in the USA. We travelled together for three weeks as we were heading to the same place. He offered me to stay in his house in Mexico, so I had a hot shower and a good rest in his home. My skin got tanned a lot in the picture

This is the picture of Korean style black noodle.

I thought it wouldn’t matter if I don’t eat any Korean food because I lived in Australia for a long time.

There is a big difference between not eating Korean food and can’t find Korean food at all. Throughout my trip to Mexico, it was very hard to find Asian food, not to mention Korean food. I wanted to eat white rice and noodles. There were Chinese restaurants once in a while, but it wasn’t Chinese. It was my first time eating Korean food in 3 months since I came to Mexico.

It’s the statue in the middle of the city of Guadalajara. The fountain that rises around the statue was impressive.

Bird on my bicycle

This giant lake was about 40km away from Guadalajara. It was huge. Whenever I get a big impression from nature, I feel small or sometimes nothing.

I stayed with Warm shower. Mexico has a big family-oriented culture. This day, all the family member gathered for Saturday lunch

So many places in Mexico have animal’s in their houses. However, I've never seen donkey and turkey in the house.

Mexico cuisine uses a lot of chilli just like Koreans. This is the picture of the mole. Mole is the name of the sauce. Traditionally mole comes with chicken. The taste of spicy and soft mole sauce worked well with soft chicken.

After lunch, I went to see the town with the people who invited me. Mexico has got a big Catholic culture.. so I could find catholic church almost everywhere I visit. Milk is delicious in Mexico. Maybe that is why ice cream is so delicious.


This is the end of my story for today.

I think the most memorable thing about travelling is the time I spent with good people.


Thanks for reading.

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