Mexico trip, part 4

I could smell the roast chicken from the entrance of the town. I ate them a few times. It has smoky flavour from the charcoal, and it is not greasy at all. They are delicious street food in Mexico. I am watering in my mouth just looking at the pictures again.

In a small pond, I saw the face of a turtle. I see four in the picture. How many can you find?

I arrived at four O’clock in the afternoon. The larger the size of the town, the more difficult it is to find a safe place to put my tent. Fortunately, another traveller who had already travelled here told me to ask the local fire station for camping. So I went to the local fire station and asked them for a camping place. The firemen in the picture look very young, don’t they? They are 20 years old.

The fire station here also opens for young people in the town. So people get together and just have a fun time at the fire station.

Travelling in Mexico is all about eating tasty street food every day. I asked one of the firemen where the best taco restaurant is in the town. He took me to this place in the picture. We had dinner together. Mexicans also eat cow head meat. It was very soft and flavourful.

I continued to ride in the sun.

I have seen many farmers using the cow for farming, but farmers in Mexico use the horses. They are farming tobacco. This was the first tobacco farm I have seen. They were even wearing blue jeans on this hot day.

I thought Mexico is located in the desert where there is minimal water, but I saw a lot of small rivers during my trip

The dinner I had this day was the best. Many Mexican restaurants use a blender when they make salsa. However, this place cooked tomatoes and pepper when I ordered a meal and mix them in the big mortar. This salsa was fresh, warm and very tasty. Especially, grilled beef and the homemade tortilla was so great. The price was only 70 pesos.

That is the picture of a restaurant. Many places in Mexico raise chicken in their garden, and they start to make too much noise at 5 am. They also raised ducks, cows and even turkeys.

I slept in a tent in the restaurant garden where I had dinner last night. I had breakfast before I left. The food was big with a lot of melted cheese inside. It was really delicious with smoky beef and melted cheese. Of course, the homemade salsa was perfect too.

This is the picture of Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro. I took a rest here. This pig pond in the picture is a famous tourist attraction in this area. The owner of the restaurant allowed me to put my tent in his garden.


The view of the Laguna was so amazing. Looking at Laguna from my tent was very relaxing. The owner of the restaurant even brought me a chair to sit.

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