Mexico trip, part 3

Travelling to Baja California was very different from travelling to the United States. So many local Mexicans invited me to sleep in their house. They invited me to stay at their home last night.

One of the exciting things about this trip to Baja California is that this area is a desert surrounded by the sea. I thought dessert would be dry with no water around it. However, this place has a lot of cacti and lots of sand but surrounded by ocean

There was a big river going through the middle of the town. This place is so famous for winter birds from the US and Canada. Many local stores know how to speak English, and it was safe to walk around the town in the night. I don’t recommend walking around in the night in Mexico, but it was really safe here.

The Catholic culture is so strong and old Catholic churches are used as tourist attractions in every town. This evening, a soprano from this town performed an opera. I happened to watch it in the evening. Can you see the back of the audience? The audiences were all Americans.

I visited many places and saw many oceans, but I’ve never seen such a clean sea. I was very excited to see the sea. My mind was already in the water, but when I soaked my feet, the water was icy

The chain broke in the middle of the trip. This chain was brand new but it broken off just 60km before the next town. I had to hitchhike and went to the bike shop. The mechanic said the chain was broken because the front chainring was worn out. After nearly a year bicycle trip, the parts of the bicycle have been worn out.

This dog liked to be cuddled even by a stranger

I said I had never ridden a kayak in my life and they brought me out to the sea to ride it with me. Kayaking really took a lot of energy. He even tried to show me a lot of things. So we ended up kayaking for almost 5 hours. The wind started to blow from the land to sea in the late afternoon. Kayaking was actually harder than the bicycle trip. If someone asks me to kayak in the future, I think I will just relax at home.

This is the picture of family who invited me to stay

fter riding up the steep hill in the morning, I was very exhausted already at 3 o’clock. I stopped by the roadside stop and explained my situation to the owner and got a place to put up the tent. He also allowed me to have a free shower in a room where he usually charges some money to customers. I was resting in the tent after a shower. The owner came and said ‘ if you sleep here, it will be cold in the evening’. He let me sleep in the room for free. I receive a lot of help from people during my bicycle trip.

This is the next day. I could sleep in the house in the back

I finally arrived at Baja California, Constitucion. I changed the front chainring here.

This is another picture of the family who invited me to stay

I arrived at my last destination in Baja California, La Paz. On this day, I put my tent in the tyre shop office. There is a memorable event in La Paz.

There was an experience where I changed my impression about Mexicans who always gave me good and kind memories. I went to the local ticket shop to buy a ferry ticket to go to the Mainland, Mexico. The lady in the office charged me 8000 MXN for a ticket. She tried to cheat me because I can’t speak Spanish. It was four times expensive than the normal price. Fortunately, I already know the price, so I went somewhere else and bought a ticket.

On Saturday morning, I took a ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan. It took 13 hours

As soon as I arrived, I thought of hot soup and went to a restaurant to eat Menudo. So far, Menudo is the best Mexican food for me

Mazatlan gave me a different feeling from Baja California. So many tourists and modern-style buildings gave me a completely different impression than Baja California

I will end the story with a picture of a coconut. I think Coconut juice from a fresh coconut is not really sweet. But in Mexico, they eat the Coconut meat after drinking the juice. They eat with chilli powder and lime juice. This was a very unique flavour, and I want to try again next time.

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