Mexico trip, part 2

Hi all. This is my second trip story to Baja California, Mexico.

These are other bicycle travellers I met on the road. Other travellers were travelling in the opposite direction so we couldn’t talk for a long time. They were the first traveller I met on a trip to Mexico. So we took a picture together. My face is really brown now

I had an accident this day

Clicking noise from the chain caused me to lose my balance, and I fall side of the road.

A few days before the accident, I didn’t wear my helmet. This morning I thought ‘well, I have to wear a helmet because an accident can happen anytime’. And I got into the accident.

Fortunately, I was wearing a helmet, so I didn’t get hurt on the head.

I bounced forward because of the speed of my bicycle, and at that moment I could see the front of my helmet hitting the ground.

I really feel like I must wear a helmet all the time when I am riding.

I have arrived at the middle of Baja California

This is a picture of my favourite Mexico food. It is Menudo

It tastes very similar to Korean style intestine soup. It has rich and oily flavour from the beef stomach. This is one of the Mexicans favourites. People add raw onion, oregano and chilli salsa to give a better taste to Menudo.

They offered me to put my tent at the back of their restaurant. I was able to wash my dirty clothes and a tent. I also healed my injured arm

One of the fun things to do while travelling in Mexico is to eat street food in the town.

The price is low, but the volume is big and delicious. It makes my trip more enjoyable.

There are many kinds of tacos, and all the street restaurants have different salsa.

This is a picture of Mariano who is a friend of mine. I told him that I’ve never tasted a lobster and he took me to his friend’s house and cooked it for me. His friend is a fisherman. In Mexico, the lobster is expensive seafood, so only licensed fishermen can catch them.

They are really fresh lobster that got caught in the sea right in front of Mariano’s friend’s house. He deep fried them in the oil

We also had fresh fish for lunch

They are making homemade salsa

The ocean was so clean and there were so many shells on the rock.

They are all deep fried in oil. We ate lobster tacos. I was so busy eating them, and I forgot to take a picture. However, I made a video of eating lobster tacos and will post it on Youtube. If you’re curious about lobster tacos, please watch the video.

Mariano made me a Menudo the day before I left. I didn’t know when I was buying it from the restaurant, but it took a long time to make. It was so delicious

Lastly, we took pictures together

While staying at Mariano’s house, I felt that Mexico has a strong family-oriented culture.

I started travelling again. I spent one night in a tent behind the gas station. Baja California is relatively safe because it is far from Cartels and there are a lot of American tourists.

KPOP must be popular in overseas countries. On this day, I stopped by at a small store to eat some food. The owner asked me if I am a Korean. A few minutes later, his granddaughter came to the store and asked me about KPOP. I have no idea about KPOP, I have not much interest in music. Now I believe that the KPOP market is huge in overseas.



Thank you for reading my story.

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