Mexico trip, part 1

Hi. I am travelling to Mexico after finishing my three month trip in the US

So far, Mexico left me a good impression. I feel like Mexico is really good country

I worried so much before I came to Mexico. I had a bad stereotype about Mexico being unsafe country to travel. I also can’t speak any Spanish. However, Mexico is such a beautiful country to change my stereotype. I met so many kind and great people. People can understand basic English. Most importantly, food was the best among the countries that I have travelled

People in the picture is Korean. I met them coincidently in Mexico, and they invited me for dinner after hearing to my trip story. The restaurant was fancy, and foods on other people’s table looked pricy. I was shocked when I saw the price on the menu. That steak is 300 peso. At this moment, I didn’t have any idea about peso yet. Well, 300 peso is just $15 us dollar.

It is cheap for the quality of the food. Do you see the coca cola on the table? Coca-cola in Mexico tastes different compared to US coca cola. Mexico uses cane sugar when the US uses corn sugar for coca cola.

I was invited to a barbeque in Mexico. We made a taco with barbeque beef. In Korea, Kimchi tastes different every restaurant. So as Mexico, Salsa tastes different in every restaurant and house. I am watering in my mouth now while writing this. In the US, I had to endure what I wanted to eat because the food was expensive. However, I am invited for a free meal almost every day in Mexico

This is a picture of the Mexican traditional game Pinata. There are candy and chocolate inside the things that kids hit with a stick.

Is it a gift for a hard trip in cold weather in the US? I have stayed in the house for the first few weeks. How nice is it to sleep under the roof?

This place is San Quintin in Baja California. In this small town, a local church held a Christmas event. I was lucky to be here during Christmas season

So many kids came to church to watch the play about birth of Jesus.

The reason why I really enjoy my trip in Mexico that street foods are so cheap and delicious.

Meat broth and oil are boiled under skewered meat. The cook Puts tortillas in that oil and grill them on a steel plate and then pack the meat and vegetables to make the taco.


I enjoy eating Taco on the street these days. The moment I eat the taco, I think like ‘oh, Mexico is heaven for a low budget travellers’


One thing you have to know is that these foods are not hygienic. So if you have a weak stomach, you may have trouble. Fortunately, I have a strong stomach.

I am on a bicycle trip, but this time I may call it a food trip. The owner of the house who invited me to stay for a few days treated me with fresh oysters. That was only $70 US dollar. It was so cheap.

Six people enjoyed oyster this evening. Of course, the taste was 10 out of 10.

The next day, the owner of the house gave me a tour of oyster farms, saying that he would show me where he got the oysters for last night.

There weren’t enough seats in the car, so I just sat in the back.

They are sons of a Mexican family living in the house that I was invited. I looked at the eyes of these kids, and I thought ‘their eyes are as beautiful as black pearl. The eyes of Mexican children are so cute.

This is the last night before I leave for bicycle trip. They cooked clamps this night.


There is the ocean right in front of the house, just 10 minutes walking. There are a lot of clamps that are bigger than the adult male fist. While eating clams, I thought ‘this country has a lot of potential in the tourist industry if they can solve drug and Cartel problem’.


If any people want to travel to Mexico, I recommend it without hesitation. People are so kind, and the food is delicious. But make sure not to move in the night.

This is the picture of Mexico road. A lot of cacti are three times taller than me

I keep saying Mexico is beautiful, but it is a little dangerous at night. So I try to put my tent in the back of houses. On this day, I stopped by a place where someone was selling coffee and drinks. I explained my situation and got permission to put a tent behind their house. I can’t speak Spanish, but everyone can understand my body gesture. I was allowed to have a shower. It's not the modern shower where water comes from the top. I heated the water separately on fire and used a small bowl to scoop it out. There was no electricity here. So they used a generator at night and used electricity.

I will finish with a picture of my bicycle. Its bicycle trip blog but this time it's more like a food trip blog. I had to endure what I wanted to eat when travelling the US and it exploded in Mexico. I was so lucky to be treated by people who invited me to stay in their house. They offered me great food. So I had to start my first story with foods.


I am planning to stay in Mexico for six months. Once the bicycle trip is over, I will stay in San Cristobal and learn Spanish. I need a basic survival Spanish to travel all the way down to South America.


See you next time Thanks.

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