This is the overview of my equipment for a long bicycle tour.

The first item on the top of the picture is my sleeping bag. When you choose your sleeping bag, make sure it is a little bit taller than your hight and bigger than your shoulder length. If you want your sleeping bag as same tall as you, you will not be able to stretch all your toes. If it is smaller than your shoulder length, then you will not be able to fit comfortably in the sleeping bag. In addition to this, make sure it is not too big so you can save space for other equipment in your pannier. The best choice would be when sleeping bag and tent can fit in one back pannier.


The second item is handlebar bag. I was not able to afford to buy one before I did my first tour a few years ago. However, I bought it while I was still doing the first bicycle tour.

Front bag is a 'must' item you want to buy. 


The last one is spare tyre tube. I prefer to carry at least two.

This is Whistler bp 350 aw. I bought this to carry all my electronic equipment such as camera, drone, cables and laptop. I do not recommend you to buy this bag If you don't plan to make a video while travelling.

This is a helmet.

Top on the left corner is a bicycle lock. I recommend you to buy light and long size bicycle lock. I do not suggest you buy expensive and heavy bicycle lock. The professional bicycle thieves will break any bicycle lock in the market in less than one minute. The thieves we most want to avoid are those who are not professional thieves. Most importantly, you have to keep your bicycle in your sight. 


The second item is JBL Bluetooth speaker. Your trip will be less joyful without music.


The third item is my cookware for camping. I bought it from e-bay. It is small and compact for just one person. if you want to cook a lot, I will recommend for three people


Next one is Kindle. I used to read from my mobile phone when I did my first tour, and I was struggling with power. Books can take extra space which you can save for other critical touring equipment. If you like to read, I recommend buying Kindle.


The last one is Garmin Edge 1030. This item is designed for long bicycle tourers. It stays longer than any other GPS in the market. You can also download the maps that work with this product, which will accumulate data from many bike travellers who use the map, suggesting ways for bicyclists when others travel in similar places. (Roads with little cars, roads with excellent views, roads without high hills, etc.)

The left item in the picture is the power bank. The product name is 'Anker power bank'. I bought it because of durability and storage capacity. If you are planning a trip, it is recommended to take one with you. I suggest carrying one strong power bank than carrying two small power banks. You will put it in the pannier anyway.


Next one is bicycle tool. It is wrapped with cover now. You can get it at the bike shop.


The product in the white case is for fixing a flat tire. 


The blue case with G in the middle is the external hard drive. If you plan to take a picture, it is best to carry one.


The last one is sunglasses. The best sunglasses for bicycle tour are with big lenses.

Sports sunglasses have small lenses, and it does not cover your face from the sun. You are most likely to be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours a day on a bicycle trip.


The products in the picture are drone and camera stabilizer. If you do not plan to make a video to post on Youtube, I recommend you do not buy it.


They are drone controller, microphone, GoPro and cables for charging batteries


The biggest thing is the tent in the photo. It is recommended that you buy a 2 - person tent when travelling alone. It is safe to put all the panniers in a tent when sleeping. To do so, you need the 2-person tent. The product name is MSR Elixir 2 Hiking Tent.


The products in the centre are gas cylinders and burners. If you buy foods during the trip, you will have to spend a lot of money on it. They are rated the best in durability in the market. The product name is MSR whisperlite.


Finally, the bottom product is the spare chain. I have not had a problem with the chain yet, but I have often read stories from other traveller's blog that the chain went wrong and they spent a hard time to find bicycle store. Often next bicycle store can be few km away from your location. I think It is best to carry at least one spare chain

They are front and rear wheel panniers. The product is 'Ortlieb waterproof bag'. It is the most recognisable product among bike travellers and has good product reviews.


They are all my equipment for a bike tour. If you have any questions, please contact me.


They are front and rear wheel panniers. The product is 'Ortlieb waterproof bag'. It is the most recognisable product among bike travellers and has good product reviews.


They are all my equipment for a bike tour. If you have any questions, please contact me.


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