USA 2018 trip, Part 1

The day I waited, it finally came. October 3rd I finally leave to Canada. I have been waiting for this time during my one-month preparation and break time. I felt something I can’t explain in words and tension one week before I leave. This feeling lasted from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. I took this picture after passing the airport gate. Sydney was hot on this day, and everyone is wearing short sleeves.

I finally left Sydney after a short airport procedure. At this time, I left Sydney with worrying about my long bicycle trip in the overseas country. But at this time I did not know that I was going to travel to America so quickly.

The airplane departed at 10 am on Wednesday and arrived at 8 am on the next day in Canada. As you can see in the picture, there were many mountains in Canada. The weather was a bit cloudy after a few days shower before I arrived.

I could feel the cold air through the windows. The pilot said ‘today is Wednesday 8:00 in the morning’ and I thought ‘we have left Sydney on Wednesday’. However, I found that Canada is one day behind Australia.

The process of getting out of Canada airport was much easier than I thought.

In my case, I had some trouble getting a camping gas bottle (empty bottle) when I was on an Australia domestic flight. However, the big problem was the bicycle assembly. I had a bit of confidence because I did it once during Australia trip. I upgraded a few parts on my bike after Australia trip, and it took a lot of time to assemble together. People were wearing long sleeves top and trousers and even wearing a big jumper. I was too nervous during the bicycle assembly, and I had to take off my jumper, and I was still sweating in half sleeve shirt. I almost struggled an hour or two. I was so nervous that I forgot to take a picture of my bike after assembly. I just realised it now.

I planned to start a bicycle trip to Canada after a one day rest in my warm shower host’s place. However, snow came too earlier than I expected. Warm shower host told me that there already is 40cm of snow where I was going to ride, but I vigorously said ‘ I have not seen snow for a long time and I am so excited!’.

On Wednesday evening, I sent a few warm showers requests to other people, and some people said it is too dangerous, and I thought, ‘ I have to listen to the local people. I can’t die here’.

So the next morning I rode my bicycle toward to US border. The above photo was taken on the way to the US border. I have eaten so well during my one month break and got fat on my face. When I am writing this blog, I think I lose fat fast If I get fat fast.

I crossed US border not far from Vancouver. As I got closer to the border, traffic was getting busier, and there were too many big trucks on the road. I even made a big mistake. When crossing the bridge, I had to use the side road to cross the bridge but I missed the entrance, and I could not go back. So I passed on traffic way. I was wet with my sweat this time.

At the US border, I was interviewed by a border officer, and I think I was questioned for almost two hours. He asked me about my job, how much money I have, why do I do this, where do I plan to go, where I sleep and even my parent's job, and so on. He also checked my Youtube channel. I was nervous this time but long hours interview eventually relaxed me. So, in the end, my trip to cross Canada moved to the USA

It was already after 4 pm when I crossed the border. However, I only had a plan to ride Route 66. So I had no idea where to travel. It was getting dark, and I had to find a place to put up my tent. I tried to find a place like a public park, but I could not see any. Also, I did not want to get shot while busing camping in the USA.

So I kept searching for a place for a night, and I saw a guy fixing his car in his garage. So I explained to him about my situation, and he gladly let me put up my tent in his garden. The above photo was taken while I was planning for my trip and calculating my expenses.

It rained from early next morning. I expected rain and I did not want to be outside of my tent when it's raining. However, I had no choice but keep move.

Fortunately, I did not have to ride a long distance this day. The warm shower host listened about my urgent situation and let me stay in his place for one night. So I can plan for my trip. I rode my bicycle for an hour to get to his home. So It was an easy day. Strangely enough, this house was once used to be a ship and now its located on the hill. Yes, that’s right, the house is a ship. I was able to buy a SIM card and dry my wet tent. I want to thank again to my host. A hot shower also made me feel better. However, I was too anxious about my trip this time.

America was bigger at everything than any other country. The car is bigger, and the garden was just as big as a small farm in other countries. Warm shower host is feeding his horse in the picture.

This is the next day. The weather got sunnier as I went to the south. People say it is rainy season in a western coastline. From this time, I was able to relax a bit, and I began to feel that I am travelling. I made a rough plan last day, and it helped me to feel more comfortable. However, I only have 90 days in the US. So I have to make sure not to waste my time in the US

I took a picture of a big river

I will end my first US trip blog here. After arriving in Canada, I went straight to the US and had few exchange losses. I am travelling the west coastline which I did not plan in the first place. Can I do it? If you read my blog, please pray for me.


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