Australia trip 2018, Part 9

Hi all. The 14 weeks Australia bicycle trip has come to an end.

I felt like the end of a bicycle trip to Australia will not come before I leave my home. I was travelling on my bicycle a little, and I have already arrived in Sydney now.

As I said in the previous blog, I will start with Carnarvon George. There was no free camping ground in the National park. There were good maintained free camping ground or cheap camping ground in most of the national park which I have visited during my bicycle trip. However, unfortunately, there was no reasonable or free camping ground in Carnarvon George. I did not want to spend too much money on camping ( it usually costs 25~30 per night).

I wondered what to do, and I stealth camped by the side of the road. I tried to take care of nature, so I do not damage it. I woke up early the next day to do the bush walk.

The morning sun did not come up enough yet, so the creek was still covered by shadows.

This national park used to be a big part for Aboriginal people. So it was easy to spot the trace of Aboriginal people. This place is called ‘Art gallery’. As the name suggests, there were Aboriginal painting on the rocks. Aboriginal people used painting to leave the story of their life on the rocks. They also buried their family or friends here. So this place was also used as a cemetery.

I often ask other people to take a picture of me because I am travelling alone. I was surrounded by incredibly high cliffs and a large creek. It created a pleasant harmony.

A long time ago this vegetation had formed a large forest in both the Australia coastline and inland. But now only in this place have a small forest. Rest of the in the land has been damaged by weather change and drought, there is no more large forest inland of Australia but only in Carnarvon Gorge. Looking at the signs with this explanation, I imagined a forest that was once more magnificent. I believe We must preserve this beautiful nature and leave it to other generations.

I woke up early, so I was able to finish bush walk before the sunset, but I saw many numbers of people starting to bush walk when I was going down the mountain. Most of them stay in a caravan park for least three to four days to travel National park. However, I could not afford to stay longer days. I also did not have enough food.

Sun rose above my head when I came down the mountain. Water was incredibly clean. I would have jumped into the water if it was summer. Unfortunately, it was spring weather, and the water was still icy.

Can you see the different layer of the rocks?. Its name is Moss garden. There were so many mosses around the rocks. Water flowed through the bottom rocks, and this created a beautiful green moss garden.

I met the guy who talked with me the other day, and we took a picture together.

This is the last picture I took in the National park. I had to carry all my filming gear in my bag and bushwalked with it. At the end of the day, my shoulder was really painful.

Do you see the family in the above photo? They gave me a big help. I went to a small town after my trip to the National Park. It took me almost two days. However, the supermarket was closed at 2 pm because it was just a small town.


I arrived in town at 4 o’clock on Saturday. They also do not open on Sunday. I was thinking about what to do and could not come out with any idea so I thought I should wash my body first.


So I went to the small park in the town to use the tap water to clean my body, and There were a mother and a baby playing in the park. She asked me about my trip after she saw my bicycle with big baggage. So I told her a little bit of my story, and she just invited me to her place after hearing that I do not have any food.



They are kind people. If it were not for this family, it would have been difficult to get some food. I was able to sleep warmly in the caravan which was parked in their garden and had a hot shower which I did not expect at all.



My Australia bicycle trip ends here. I safely went to Brisbane and arrived in Sydney a few days ago. Some of you may ask why I do not have a picture of Brisbane, to be honest, there was nothing to take, I took a few pictures, but it is not different from other cities. So I will not put them in here.


So my 14 weeks Australia bicycle trip ends up here.

I met many people and ended up this trip with lots of good memories.

This is not the end yet. Next time I will share some useful tips to travel to Australia.

I am grateful to those who have travelled with me through my photos and texts.


Thank you.

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