Australia trip 2018, Part 8

Hi all. I'm resting in Roma in Queensland. I am 486km away from Brisbane now. I travelled in the same scenery for a few days, met good people and had a good time with them. I also went to the beautiful National Park. I made a lot of good memories in the last few weeks. So let me tell you a story of my bicycle trip of last few weeks.

 don’t usually cook food for my lunch because my hands end up with black ash everywhere. So I usually use my stove only for my dinner. However, this time I was able to stop at the roadside stop which had a toilet and basin to wash hands. So I cooked instant noodle soup this time. I have to share my mistake this time. I bought a stove for 1 person, and I could not cook two instant noodles at the same time. I recommend you guys to buy a stove for two people even If you plan to travel alone.

It was once a resting place for Aboriginal people. A place where water pours from the top of the cliff when it rains. Unfortunately, when I went, it was not raining for a while. So I could not see any waterfall.

I took a picture of my bike during the short break. This time, I felt slightly bored to see the same scenery for almost 5 days.

Finally, I arrived at a small town after a boring trip. The name of the town is Winton. I straightly when to the small local fruit shop. I could not buy a whole melon because it was too big for me. I bought a half cut melon, and I ate it with a spoon, just sitting next to the fruit shop. It was sweet and delicious

It is a long railway linking towns and suburbs. There are not many trains in the countrysides because the young people are not living in the country anymore and the size of the town is getting smaller.

This time, I saw the same sceneries for days and days. Sometimes I didn’t even take a picture for a day. So when I saw the railroad track on this day, I was saying ‘ I should take a picture of the railway!!’.

The road from one town to another town is so long that there are a lot of signs warning that Do not drive in fatigue. As you can read in the sign, it is not just warning the tried drivers, but there was a quiz. What is the first symbol of Greek alphabet?. There was a hint and answer a few kilometres ahead of this sign.

I hitchhiked again. This one was a little bit different. I travelled mountain road for last few days, and so my legs were sore. So I had to put up my tent 10km away from where I planned to go. At that moment, the couple who were setting up camping there saw me and invited me for dinner. (not many people have invited me for dinner so far).

Suddenly he asked me first ‘do you need a lift tomorrow?’.

Honestly, I was hoping that they bring me to the next town, but I could not ask them. So I was surprised when he asked me first. Thankfully, I was able to go to the next village by car the next day. If it were not for these people, I would have to ride for two more days to go to the next town.

I met him through Warm Shower community. He was an excellent cook. He even made homemade sausages but its not in this picture. He made me corn, just buttered on the top without any other sauce. It was really delicious.

Do we look good in the picture?

I started travelling again after a few days of rest. I went to the information centre in the small town. This place was unique in that the town people volunteered here for tourists.

On the side of the wall, there were homemade jams and soap made by the local people.

Unfortunately, I am travelling on a bicycle, so I could not carry glass jars.

Do you see my tent hidden in the picture? This day, I found an excellent place to rest. Sometimes I feel a bit unsafe to bush camp alone even though I am a young man. However, Once I fall into sleep, nothing can wake me up.

This picture is not a common sight in the Australia countryside. I also saw it for the first time. Farmers released the cows on the side of the road and fed them. Cars drove very slowly, and the cows also seemed to be used to this situation.

I will end up my story with pictures of Carnarvon Gorge. I could not have a shower for 3 days, so when I was the creek, I just jumped into it. I found that water was still freezing to swim. I had to come out of the water straight away. However, I felt very refreshing to wash my body for the first time in 3days. The beauty of nature washed away all the tired fatigue. The weather was not too hot or cold. The sunshine and the smell of earthy soil mixed with clear water made me feel so soft.

Some of you may have noticed that I had to travel for a few weeks to see the beautiful nature. Often I had to see the same boring scenery over and again. It is the best moment to see the beautiful nature after a long hard bicycle riding. A big part of the bicycle trip is meeting kind people on the road. These tiny things seem to increase the satisfaction of bicycle travel.


Next time I will come back with more stories about Carnarvon gorge that I could not finish in this time.


Thank you

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