Australia trip 2018, Part 6

Hello. It's been 8 weeks since I left Sydney. I am travelling to Darwin, and the weather is already getting too hot during the day. Just a few weeks ago, I used to sleep in cold weather, but now it is so hot that I do not even need a sleeping bag. Today I will write about what happened while travelling from Tennant Creek to Katherine.

I often see a big road train that takes up both car lanes. A guide car rides in front of the road train. When I look at a guide car, I always stop and move to the side of the road.

After arriving at Tennant Creek, the owner of the house where I was staying told me that the night market is held once a month, so I went to see the night market.

People sold various crafts and foods. Food section was the most popular. Many people were standing in line to buy food. The price was not too expensive either.

Here in this picture, the old man was trying to sell me a painting. He said ‘buy me a carton of beer, and you can get the painting’. Often I saw many alcoholic Aboriginal people on the street. To be honest, will bicycle travellers buy a picture for the price of a carton of beer? I would rather buy food with that money.

I stayed here at Tennant Creek. Tennant Creek has a high population of Aboriginal people and a high crime rate. So I felt it is too dangerous to pitch my tent on the side of the road or park. The price of the accommodation is really high because this is the only town on the way to the National park.

I found the contact number of the church in Tennant Creek and explained my circumstances. The member of the church invited me to stay in his place. Thank you very much for your help.

When I travel on a bicycle, I met many people and some of them told me that ‘You are crazy’. I met a guy crazier than me. He was travelling all over the world on foot. His name is Tony Mangan, travelling around the world to raise money for cancer patients, started his journey on February 27, 2016. I began to have a new dream as I was listening to him. I would like to raise a fund for missionaries during my bicycle trip. However, I am just praying for now.

This is a National Park called Douglas Hot Springs. As the name implies, hot water was coming up from the sand. I saw a lady who even boiled eggs in hot water. As soon as I put my feet in the warm water, I just could not bear it, I laid down in the water immediately. At that time, I could not have a shower on the last night.

I have always seen beautiful natures on the TV, and when I saw it in the real place, I was just stunned by the beauty of nature. There were also a lot of families. Water was cold and hot at the same time. Of course, there are Crocodiles on the upper stream, so I only swam in safe areas.

I moved to another place the next day. The temperature was already over 30 degrees. It was too hot and sweaty. However, there are a lot of lakes and rivers, I just jumped into the water as shown in the picture. So I could cool off while riding a bicycle. Someone saw my bike and offered me a sandwich and a cake. I was able to fill my energy again and started riding again

I told a picture of the waterfall and cooled off a bit.

While I was having a rest, I saw many travelling bicycles. I was already excited before even talk to them. They were raising fund to support families of motor neurone disease. Parents were the teachers with two children. Mother was answering the phone, so I could not take a picture of her. They were teaching their children while travelling. I met some parents travelling for a long-term with their children. They were homeschooling their children. I really admire their choices and thoughts.

I took a picture of a huge ant house. The ranger said termites are more like cockroaches than ants. Even the Termites in this photo are not the biggest termites.

This is incredibly clear water. Water was so clean that I just drank it.

I arrived at the waterfall. When I spend time in the place like this, I am alone and worry about my cameras and essential equipment. At first, I was anxious to worry about my gear. I prayed to God to look after my stuff, and I just spent a few hours in the water. The warning sign says not to climb up on the rock and jump. However, there were a lot of people jumping off the cliffs. The depth of the water seems to be about three meters deep at deepest point.

I will finish my story with a picture of my tent. This is the National Park, and They charge some money to stay but its only $6.60!. The bathroom was so clean, and I had a shower too.


Fortunately, one place was empty when all the camping places were already full. It was too tight for a car to get in. It was the place for the only tent. In the afternoon, a group of tourists from Israel join me and they pitched the tent next to me.



I will finish my blog here. I remembered the time when I lived in Darwin while I was travelling on the bicycle. I was young and very obsessed with the money when living in Darwin. The National Park was just 1 hour and 30 minutes by car, but I never went there because I was obsessed with the money. I regrated about those days, and this experience made me make world bicycle trip. I am grateful and thankful for the God who protected me while travelling. I also thank God for making this beautiful nature. If you are reading my blog and go to church, nature is one of the greatest gifts that the Lord has given us. Take time to travel in nature without obsessing too much money.




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