Australia trip 2018, Part 3

Hello, I am going to talk about Oodnadatta track trips today

I finally arrived at the town Marlee, and it was 650km away from Adelaide. It was the last town before entering the desert track. I planned to get a map from the information centre, but there was no one working in the information centre because it was small town so they could not have people in the information centre. I did not know that I would spend two weeks on the bike without any day off.

Another bicycle traveller whom I met on the road suggested me to stay in Oasis caravan park. It was only $10 for camping, shower and internet. It was the best caravan park so far. However, it was not the highlight of it. The owner told me it’s a roast night and $20 for the 3-course meal. $20 is a bit too expensive for me, but this time I decided to spend it because I may not eat a proper meal for next 8 or 10 days while in the desert.  

This is the picture of can foods I was going to eat in the Oodnadatta track.

The decision to spend $20 that day was the best choice of my life. This was the best meal I have ever eaten in Australia. On that day many tourists in the restaurant were impressed by the size of the meal and took pictures. It was a very delicious and pleasant evening. 

I had a roast in this place. 

The next day I started to ride toward the track. At this time, I did not expect any hard time I was going to face because I was so excited that I would run through the desert.

This is an artwork that you can meet at the beginning of the desert. People said it is the work of an artist who is bit crazy. There was no description of this work anywhere.

Some of you may have noticed now that there is no shadow to rest. The temperature went to 5 degrees in the night and went to 20 degrees in the afternoon. 

Can you guess what is missing in my picture? I am missing my back pannier. I was riding strangely fast, so I thought I had a tailwind. When I was my back pannier missing, I almost cried. I rode back and eventually found the pannier. The driver found my pannier on the road.

If they did not find my pannier, I probably had to ride all the way back to find my pannier. I want to say thanks to this family. So I rode all day and finally arrived to rest area

I was very excited when I saw it, but it was a little bit small. Can you imagine a place where you can soak all your body with warm water in the middle of the desert? My fun time did not end here, but those who are drinking there listened to my trip story and invited to dinner. So I had delicious food for the dinner

While we were sitting around the campfire, someone asked me if I had ever eaten marshmallows on a campfire and I said no. They told me to make my first marshmallow and took me a picture. Honestly, It was too sweet for me.

They even cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. 

Often people gave me drinks or something to eat. The guy gave me a Pepsi max saying ‘you will need the sugar’, but it is Pepsi max which has no sugar in it. However, somehow my leg recovered after drinking it

This is the picture of a pub in William Creek. It is the only pub in this area which means the owner charges you whatever the price he wants but people didn’t mind to pay $7 for a bottle of beer. I just got some water from them and started riding again.

There was a desert bike race in the Oodnadatta track. I saw a lot of bikes here 

At least a half dozen of flies took a free ride. I didn’t care any free ride as long as they do not come to my face.  

However, they do not understand my kindness and rush to my face. So I am just wearing fly net on my face. They go to nose, mouth, ear and sits near the eyes. You must carry a fly net with you when riding in Australia

When I travel on a bicycle, I see so many things. I would not see this giant lizard if I was sitting in the car. It looked like a meter long. I was scared to go nearby. I think this is the best part of a bicycle trip.

What am I eating now? Its uncooked spam and can beans. I was supposed to cook them, but there is a sad story behind it. Sandy dust in the desert broken my camping stove and I could not use it anymore. Have you eaten uncooked spam? It is not good. I also ate uncooked pasta because I needed calories to ride. They were tough to eat

After all the hard ride and not eating a proper meal, It was too hard to ride a bike. So I hitchhiked and finally on the fourth attempts I got a free ride. People were carrying lots of things, and they did not have a seat.

It would have been a hard day without this people. I felt a little bit of car sick. So I got to Pink Roadhouse 

A guy working in Pink road house heard about my bike trip story and invited me for dinner. 

Next day I met a Spanish couple who are on the bicycle trip for two years. They had a lot of stories, and it was good to see them on the road

I finally finished my riding on the desert track. Last day was bit cloudy and dropping a little bit of rain. So it was not too hot to ride. I shouted and cheered after crossing the desert, and the people around clapped me and took pictures of me. Before crossing the Oodnadatta track, I had a dream of crossing Sahara desert, but now I think I will change my plan. I had enough dirt road.

I met them while going to the NT. They heard about my broken stove, and the guy with glasses gave me a new camping stove for free. I will make a video of this story.

I will show you the travel stories on NT in next update. It was tough and challenging, but it was a meaningful and memorable trip. Next time I will come up with another exciting story. See you later

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