Australia trip 2018, Week 2

Hello, I am going to write a little special story today. Those who know me, as you already know, I want to share the life of Christion people in overseas by putting it as a video. This week I want to share a story of Christian people whom I met in the church

I went through the gravel road to go to the next town.

I also saw a farm that grows horses. Here, the farms are wide, so the farmers just let them go around and do not keep them in the cage. Horses are smart, and when someone brings their food, they follow. The next day, I took a day off and went to church.

It is huge. Isn't it? However, like so many rural churches, there were only a total of seven people. Many tourists visiting this town go on tours, but they never come to churches. When I am travelling in Australia, stop by the village and ask the location of the church. People look at me like I am a crazy person.

Many Australian rural churches worship without a pastor. I also worshipped here without a pastor, and on this day people shared stories of the week. A lady shared a story of her neighbour who had a flat tire and could not fix it. This guy tried to fix the tire by himself as his house was located far from a mechanic, but he could not fix it on this day. Next day, He brought the car mechanic to see his car and mechanic also checked inside of the vehicle and found out that the engine was so old and damaged that if he had driven a car, he would have had a big accident. Tire puncture prevented a big crash from happening. When we have a hard time, often it turns out to be a good thing, and Lord was helping us.

After the worship, I was thankfully permitted to stay in the church for one night. I was fortunate because it was raining outside. Also, the members of the family invited me to dinner, and I went to the house for dinner.

The father of this family hunted few wild animals. He is working in the national park as a ranger. 

There is also a video of his farm, which I will edit on YouTube and upload it. He had served for 11 years in the army; he said if he can go back to his 20's he wants to what I do right now instead of serving in the military.

I had a good time eating dinner with them. Let me tell you a funny story. I had not been able to get enough water on my bike trip just a few days ago, so I was away for about 20km from the next town, and there was no water.

I went to the house by the road but no one was there, and I didn't want to risk drinking water from the tap. In a rural area, drinking water from the tap can be hazardous. I saw a car coming from opposite direction, so I waved my hand and asked for some water, but nobody carried water with them. I tried the third time, and the driver had a bottle of water, and he shared it with me. The same guy who gave me some water was also invited to the dinner. It was amazing. We laughed about it and shared a meal together.

I met other cyclists and took photos and talked. I am on a trip alone, and it is hard to take pictures. So we took a photo of each other

I eat three meals and two snacks every day.

Can you believe wild watermelons are grown in the desert? I could not believe my eyes until I saw them. They are not sweet and small due to not enough rain in this area.

Lastly, this picture gives you an idea of desert. Tomorrow I will enter the desert. I'm going to cross the desert for the next 8 to 10 days. Then Next time I'll come with another story. Goodbye.

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