Australia trip 2018, Week 1

I finally started my trip on Monday, May 21st. I wrapped my baggage several times the day before my trip 

The start of the first day was an uphill road, so I drove my bike from the beginning.

I followed the navigation and the road was closed and I had already gone too far to go back

It was good to be able to put the bike into this small space, disassemble all the bags, assemble it again, and still go.

In the middle, I took a selfie. The face is smiling, but the body is already sweating incredibly It is wet.

In Australia, farms are so big that you can often see them when you leave the city for a while.

The crazy uphill mountain trail does not show its end, and I pushed my bicycle almost six hours or so. I finally saw the town.

It is scenery before entering from town. It is a bit cloudy and rainy. The picture is unclear. It was just cold and rainy day. I took my bicycle up the mountain, and my whole body was soaked with sweat. However, on that day, I could not shower, and it was hard to find a place to camp. Eventually, I hid in a small forest next to the park and sleeping in a tent.

Eat the next morning and fold the tent back into the bag. I spent the crazy morning. I came back on the road again. The photo shown above is a famous wine village in Adelaide, Australia. It is Barossa Valley. The weather is still dim, so the picture is not clear. I went to a wine tasting place where I drank a little wine. However, during the bike ride, I felt red face after two sips of wine. So on that day, I wanted to go to many wine tasting places, but I only visited two places. I'll upload the trip here in more detail on YouTube videos.

The place you see now is the place where I stayed for a night.

When I travel on a bicycle, sometimes I meet friends who go on the bicycle. This is a friend from Canada who was already travelling for seven weeks. From Perth to Sydney. He said he would head to Alice Springs after Sydney. He never had one sing day off yet. I think I should take a break once a week at least. 

Finally, in four days, the sun sets, and I get a good picture. On top of the head, the Go pro feels to be heavier as time goes on, so It no longer hangs on my helmet but only when necessary. So, there were too many times to miss the good scenes that pass by in an instant.

Do you see Australian farm scale? I saw a farmer driving it and it was just huge. I've lived in Australia for over ten years, but it was the first time I've seen farm equipment moving,

I am eating leftover pizza as a snack and lunch. I am experiencing a miracle, whatever I eat, I feel hungry in less than 2 hours.

I will finish my first week with this. I am currently in the area called Quorn. If I go beyond this area, I will not be able to update my blog contents for two weeks. I'll come back next time.

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