Australia trip 2018, chapter 1

I am finally going to Adelaide.

This is my selfie in the Sydney airport while I was waiting for the gate to open. I was very nervous this time because it was the first time carrying big baggage in the airport. I also had read other bicycle travellers blogs saying that they had a hard time in the airport with flight attendants.

This is my backpack with all video gears inside.

This is all my panniers and bike in the box. All together it was 42kg. It looks big in the picture, and it is a lot of baggage 

One more selfie while waiting in the airport.

My flight was at 10:30, but I came at 06:30. I was at the airport a little earlier so I could cope with any unforeseen circumstances because I never had a lot of baggage before

I took this photo after leaving all the luggage except the backpack. There is a lot to tell you what happened before I took this picture. I'll explain it in the image below.

Do you see the red canister here? It is a gas bottle for cooking foods at camping, and it has never been used.

When I left my baggage at the airport, cabin attendants said that the gas bottle is not possible to carry in the cabin. This thing cost me almost $130, but the more important thing is that if I do not have a bottle, I can not cook. I saw so many bicycle travellers, but no one had trouble carrying an empty new gas bottle in the airplane. I was embarrassed because this thing did not happened to other bicycle travellers. So instead of sending it to checked baggage, I put it in the backpack and went to the security gate. Nobody stopped me.

If you are going to carry a new and empty gas bottle like me, pack it in your backpack and go to the security gate. Don’t try to argue to the flight attendant.

After two and half an hour flight, I finally arrived in Adelaide.

I went out to Adelaide airport and took a selfie. It's almost the first time I've filmed in a crowd of people like this, so I was nervous

I found all my luggage at the airport and started assembling my bike. Based on my experience here, I would advise you to stand next to bicycle mechanic and watch while putting it in the box. In my case, the front rack and front of the wheel took so much time to assemble. I arrived at the airport at about 12:30, but the bicycle assembly took almost two hours.

After I was done, I organised empty box.

This is the pictures after assembling my bike; I'm going to start my journey on Monday, May 21 after I met my friends by Sunday, May 20th. Next time, I will come to you with more exciting travel story. Bye!!!

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